1.            On the auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day, I extend my heartiest felicitations to all citizens of Pakistan.

2.            The historic day of our national history – 23 March – reminds us

of the epic struggle, unwavering determination and firm resolve of our illustrious predecessors, who relentlessly pursued their sole objective

of achieving a separate homeland. Many a hardship came their way but

they never flinched and surpassed all, rendering supreme sacrifices. 

With unity in ranks and sincerity with cause, they ultimately reached their destination under the visionary leadership of Quaid-i-Azam; mapping

an independent state on the globe to live with dignity in freedom.

3.            While celebrating this happy occasion, we need to appreciate that following in the footsteps of our forefathers, we can take Pakistan to new heights of glory with each passing day. Adherence to the values of unity, tolerance and harmony can strengthen the fabric of Pakistani society and protect the motherland against the nefarious designs of the enemy.

On this momentous day, we need to renew our pledge to uproot terrorism and extremism from the soil for making it a peaceful country. Indeed, safe and secure environment can guarantee a stable, strong and prosperous Pakistan for our future generations.

4.            My Dear Countrymen! Pakistan Air Force stands fully prepared and determined to protect our sacred land and preserve the hard-earned independence according to the aspirations of the nation. The challenges facing our country demand our capabilities to remain consistently

high. In this regard, PAF is pursuing modernization through indigenous efforts. I am pleased to share that PAF has made enormous strides

in technological advancement and has acquired a respectable measure

of defence production capability, including state-of-the-art JF-17 Thunder. I assure you that this journey of self-reliance will continue with undiminished zeal. I am confident that these contributions will reinforce our combat potential to make our country’s defence invincible.

5.            Alongside focusing on Operational Preparedness, PAF is also actively contributing to the all-important task of nation building. Health, education and vocational training are the three prioritised sectors in which PAF is lending extensive support in collaboration with the Government

of Pakistan. May Allah Almighty guide our efforts and give us the strength to safeguard the aerial frontiers of the nation!

Pakistan Air Force Zindabaad!

Pakistan Paindabaad!