An Urdu verse of great value, truly tells us that what is the destiny of the result of a mistake. The poet, whose name is not famous as much as his this verse, says:


(Tarikh Ke Nzron Se Wo Dour Bhi Guzra Hai

Lamhey Ne Khata Ki Thi, Sudion Ne Sza Pai!)

In the sight of history, such period is too,

passed, when the punishment of large

scale centuries is comprised, against

that happened for a while or a moment.

Unfortunately the case is similar to the division of Punjab in 1947.

According to the census of India in 1941, districts Gurdaspur, Ferozepur, Jalandhar and Amritsar (now these all are in eastern Punjab in India) had the Muslim majority in their different sub-divisions. The abstract of the details is hereunder:


Sr.          Sub-Division        % of Muslims      Sub-Division's

No.                       Population          District


1.            Gurdaspur           52.1       Gurdaspur

2.            Bataala 55.6       "

3.            Shakargarh          51.3       "

4.            Ferozepur            55.2       Ferozepur

5.            Zira        65.1       "

6.            Jalandhar             59.4       "

7.            Nakodar              59.4       "

8.            Ajnala    59.4       "


Some other areas of Punjab, which were also adjoining with the boundary of Pakistan, had majority of Muslims. There details are also given below:


Sr.          Name of Place   % of Muslims



1.            Fazilka   75.12 (Muslims)

2.            Muktsar               66.56 (Muslims)

3.            Jagranwan (or Jagraon)  69.32 (Muslims)

4.            Ludhiana              68.95 (Muslims)

5.            Smrala   60.59 (Muslims)

6.            Nawan Shehr      50.59 (Muslims)

7.            Flore      67.64 (Muslims)

8.            Thana Mujeethia              51.09 (Muslims)

9.            Oona (or Una)    55.02 (Muslims)


The above-mentioned figures of the facts make sure that all above said areas would be included in Pakistan. It was the dishonesty and injustice, made by the then authorities, against the above said areas and their Muslims. Thus, Liaquat Ali Khan knew about the said dishonesty even on August 8, 1947. So, he protested against it but all in vain.