National Parade of any country projects its power that relies in large part upon its military capabilities. It also presents a colorful display of military and cultural variety, with dozens of mounted and marching contingents, military bands, cultural tableaus symbolizing unity and strength of that country. India’s manifestation of military muscle at the 68th Republic day Parade and Beijing display of military prowess at its annual World War II anniversary march in September 2016 are good examples to state.

Likewise, Pakistan is commemorating its big day on 23rd March to mark the historic event of Pakistan Resolution in 1940 as well as the declaration of the Republic on the same day in 1956. Pakistan Resolution 1940 was a major step towards realization of dreams of Muslims in Subcontinent. Muslims headed towards a purpose that shaped the Indo-Pak History into a distinctive turn. The decade old theme of nothingness lost its importance and identity of Muslims started getting much stronger and deeper.

Like every sovereign nation Pakistan celebrates its Day displaying military tactics, competency and national unity. Pakistan army is going to showcase its nuclear capable weapons, tanks, jets, drones and newly inducted air defense system LY-80 and other weapon systems on the upcoming event on 23rd March. An exhibition displaying the first banknotes of independent Pakistan will be showcased in Dubai, on this occasion.

Though the military advancement and physical attack on other countries is an impossible reality especially for a nuclear country yet military capability is the major element of national power along with strong economy. For Pakistan the importance of military might increases manifold in the presence of belligerent neighbor who has not accepted its existence even after seven decades of Pakistan’s independence. Pakistan has to maintain its military might to keep minimum deterrence and balance of power in the region. It is more of a necessity than a display. Pakistan Day Parade is always a source of inspiration for all Pakistanis and reminiscent of the struggle of Muslims of subcontinent for a separate homeland. It is celebrated every year by all citizens of Pakistan. Every young and old feel happiness to be a part of its celebrations in one or the other way. This annual event is celebrated every year but Pakistan Day Parade in 2015 was resumed after a hiatus of seven years.  The military parade 2015 came over after three month’s terrible terrorist attack by the militants in the Army Public School in 2014. In the midst of terror and shock, Pakistan army manifested in full strength to show that they are not afraid of their coward and faceless enemy. Threats can not waver off the courage and vigor of Pakistan army and nation.

Whereas the period from 2015 to 2017 is marked by unwavering struggle of army in war against terrorism and the civil and military both remained in full action to defeat the forces of extremism and terrorism, Pakistan Day Parade 2017 is being celebrated under tight security like in 2015. This year the day is celebrated after a period of one month of Lahore terrorist blast and Sehwan Sharif incident. Today army is continuing the fight with same spirit and courage. It is viewed the enemy is shattered and crushed to great extent but army has resolved to wipe off its enemy appearing in different hues and colors.

Though the 77th Pakistan Day celebrations are important like ever but the distinctive feature of this year will be participation of Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) China's Tri Services and Saudi Special Force's contingents and Turkish Jannisary Military band (Mehteran). Many of us consider the participation of Chinese, Turkish and Saudi bands in the parade to show the world that Pakistan is not isolated. Its partners are united to give a message to the world especially India that Pakistan is important for its allies. Thus, India’s propaganda to isolate Pakistan met its fate when big powers of the world acceded to join Pakistan’s military parade.

The participation of Chinese and Turkish contingent in parade is a message to India that big powers of the world stand by Pakistan and alliance with China and Turkey is much important than UAE. It’s also significant to carry on economic vision 2025 of regional connectivity. Military alliances coupled with economic integration are not only a diplomatic asset but key to gain regional power.