Any Resolution Day would be incomplete without a new national anthem.

The duo of Veena Malik and husband Asad Bashir Khan has given us a new hope by playing part in reuniting the two.

Here's the song they've released for March 23:

'Ye Tera Pakistan Hai' came as a surprise amid reports of their relationship passing through troubled times. Recently, on 11th March Veena filed for 'Khula' which the court ruled in her favour after non-pursuance of the case by Asad Khan.

Later, followed by several reports of intervention Veena Malik's husband, Asad Bashir expressed his strong desire to reconcile with wife.

Asad even disclosed that both of them will soon come together for an interview.

Veena Mailk and Asad Bashir got married in Dubai on December 25 in 2013 and are parents to two children.