The founding fathers of American Constitution were very much vigilant in providing a separate standing to American people against the people of Great Britain. So, in the Philadelphia Convention, the founding fathers were resolved to provide their younger and upcoming generations with unique standings in world. Similarly, our founding fathers also envisioned for us a separate and unique standing on a world stage. We had to perform our own separate role in the affairs of world, so, our founding fathers inscribed that separate role and unique manifesto in the Lahore Resolution, passed by Muslim leaders on March 23, 1940.

Americans, till date, observe great reverence for their founding fathers. They uphold the important decisions made in the Philadelphia Convention. We also celebrate the Resolution Day but our resolve is transient and it withers away easily. We leave aside our resolution and resolve soon after the day leaves us. Then, we try to rejuvenate our resolve again on August 14 and that too disappears. There are several reasons behind our such misconduct towards our own ideologies and heroes.

“We, the Americans” is the most catchy phrase the American statesmen use in order to glorify their unique standings in the world and then they define American People, American Dream and American Character.This practice is effective for them. And we start idealising their model without knowing that our own founding fathers did provide us with our own distinct model and Pakistan Resolution stands for that model but that model, unfortunately, remains silent behind the cracking of fires and exists in ignorance behind our celebrations. And as a result we continue to live in our hybrid existence, without realising and enforcing our defined characters. And in the absence of our own “Characters”, we suffer.

We had a “Muslim Character” in our Lahore Resolution. We had our own, “We, the Muslims” catchphrase in our resolution. But unfortunately, we couldn’t develop that phrase and “Character” of our own fully after independence. Our pendulum swayed between the two extremes soon after independence and unfortunately it still is swaying between the two extremes. We either absorb the ideals of others or are absorbed by our own fundamental rigidity. We have been into it for years and this practice is useless. 

Now, in continuation of our own Pakistan Resolution, we need to develop our character further. We need to connect our modern existing ideologies with the ideologies of our founding fathers in order to reach some defined moderate settlement. So, this day doesn’t urge us to commemorate our glorious movement, instead it urges us to get ourselves connected with our past so that we may have a fulfilling future for our younger generations. This day, in fact, motivates us in our struggles against our ambivalent existence. Under the spirit of Lahore Resolution, we were resolved to get freedom. Now, the same resolve and spirit must lead us towards the development of our own unique “Character” fully, as was intended by our founding fathers. Long live Pakistan!!!