There is no doubt that China has good, friendly relations with Pakistan, and Pakistan-China friendship has been tested a number of times. Whenever it was needed, China had supported Pakistan unconditionally. Apart from the friendship, which should remain intact, a lot of Chinese have entered into Pakistan and some are still coming. The concerning factor is that the Chinese are being allowed to buy as much property as they want here in Pakistan. We need to learn a lesson from other countries where our overseas Pakistanis are settled, where they need to spend a specific amount of time to get permanent residence after fulfilling their terms and conditions for settlement. Meanwhile, majority of Islamic countries do not give permanent residence. Such time-taking policies adopted by these countries discourage other Pakistanis not to move towards such countries.

We should also keep in mind that how Israelites entered into Palestine, and what is their current status at the moment. In fact, Israelites are now claiming Palestine as their country, and Palestinians are seen as helpless and being victimized by Israelites. Pakistan is not that cheap a country that we allow Chinese or any foreigners to buy our land so easily.

Pakistan should develop a long-term strategy regarding selling land to Chinese or any foreigners, for instance, a Chinese can buy only one property at a time after spending considerable time in Pakistan, and policies should made harder and harder. A policy should be adopted; first, not to allow any Chinese or other foreigner to buy our land, and if it is allowed, then policies should be made stricter. One foreigner should be allowed to buy only one property after spending significant time here in Pakistan. Moreover, a particular area should also not be spared for foreigners, as Chinese are settled in Ibraheem Hydri, Korangi, Karachi, where general people cannot enter, and which has already become a No-Go area for Pakistanis.


Karachi, March 8.