Smuggling of diesel from Iran to Turbat is one of the serious issues recently being faced in Pakistan. The diesel is transferred to numerous areas of Pakistan through buses and tanks, which is an open threat to the lives of the public. Recently, a huge number of cases of burning accidents were registered. The cause of those accidents was the smuggling of diesel. The smugglers are putting the lives of the public at risk in exchange for their own profits, as they are using passenger buses to smuggle the diesel without any fear of being condemned. The law is subsided as smuggling of diesel became the profession of most of the people in district Kech. The smuggling is useful for the smuggler, but the public always suffers from the negative effects of smuggling. The government is requested to take serious steps to prevent smuggling of diesel, which has now became one of the top ways to earn money in district Kech.


Kech, March 8.