Rawalpindi                     -                        By The Way- an emergent, avant-garde fashion house opened their store in the Saddar area of the ancient city, Rawalpindi.

This premier event opened doors for the people of Rawalpindi to view the brands outstanding, contemporary clothing and accessories available at affordable prices.

By The Way is an aspiration brand with an inclusive ethos which has progressed in a short time span and has become accessible to a wider audience by providing excellent quality products to its customers at very reasonable prices.

The brand takes on a contemporary inspired take on masculinity and femininity to empower its audience with bold, distinct designs.

Speaking about the launch of their new store in Rawalpindi, Din Industries Ltd. Director S M Nabeel, a parent company of BTW said: “By The Way is a budding brand and is ushering a much needed perspective into the fashion world through bold and trendy clothing which could appeal the youth of Rawalpindi and make the brand a favorite in the fashion set.

We received an impressive response from Bahawalpur and so we decided to expand our reach in Rawalpindi so that people there could also benefit from our immense range of products”.

Moreover Din Industries Ltd. Director S M Umair said “We constantly work on the brands aesthetic to come up with concepts which could appeal the market.

We ensure that the materials used are of exceptional quality and are stitched with expert finesse so that we could provide extraordinary value to our customers. The brand takes inspiration from online chic trends and lets people shop their style with convenience.”

BTW is an all- inclusive fashion brand offering fashionable and vivacious clothes for the youth and encourages self-expression through their fashion choices.

It aims to provide quirky and flattering clothing and accessories at reasonable prices to the people who are either stuck in a style rut or are looking to infuse new designs into their wardrobe.

BTW currently has four stores in Lahore located at M.M Alam Road, Y Block DHA & Packages mall and Emporium mall.

In addition, this brand has stores in Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Bahawalpur and Peshawar.