KARACHI                  -             Food in any form hold no role in spread of coronavirus disease (Covid 19) said Dr. Syed Faisal Mahmood, a known infection control expert, associated with Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH).

“On the contrary choice of balance combination of fruit, vegetable, fish and meat do strengthen our immunity against the virus,” he told APP during a session. The expert, however, advised people to avoid oily food and sugar too urging people to realize that the viral infection is contracted from one person to another and those with compromised immunity are at constant.

Dr. Faisal was of the view that the rising number of people falling victim to coronavirus disease (Covid 19) in the country, along with those from across the world, demanded extra precautionary measures on part of masses. This, he said ought to be besides proper and regular hand washing, not to touch face particularly nose and eyes and resorting to safe coughing and sneezing practices

“Do not move into crowds, if you have to go out of home then ensure to wash hands immediately after returning back and also change your clothes,” he advised. People in general were advised not to ignore that coronavirus is contagious and is spread from one person to another therefore best way to avert is restricting ones social activities.

“Do not visit others nor invite them to your place,” he urged the people emphasizing that in case they had to leave the safe environments of their homes then must ensure to maintain a safe distance, which was also in accordance to the right to social and personal space.

About use of masks, the doctor said this was not necessarily needed, however, if one was inflicted with cold or cough then was definitely advisable.

Highly appreciative of the measures being adopted by federal and provincial government to contain spread of Covid -19 in the country he said equal responsibility lay on each and every citizen to protect themselves from the ailment.