Rahim Yar Khan -Three special teams of FIA headed by assistant directors have arrived in Rahim Yar Khan. The teams will visit two sugar mills of PTI’s senior leader Jehangir Tareen, and one sugar mill located in Khanpur, some 30 km from RY Khan to probe sugar scandal. According to sources, the FIA, after investigating the matter, will determine the people responsible for sugar crisis in the country. Sources added that three FIA teams, consisting of 30 members, including three assistant directors, will complete inquiry within next 10 days and submit their report to the FIA DG.

It is learnt that two of these teams led by assistant directors Sajid Ikram and Khalid Amin, will investigate the JDW-I and JDW-II, sugar mills owned by Jehangir Tareen while the third team, under the leadership of Assistant Director Kashif Mohammad Ali, will investigate Hamza Sugar Mill in Khanpur. Accordingly, the district administration has made special arrangements for protection of these teams and the movement of the three teams will be with police mobile.

After people had to face a sugar crisis, Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered an investigation into the sugar scandal and punish those responsible for the problem. It is worth-mentioning that maximum sugar mills across the country are located in Rahim Yar Khan District and on adjoining Sindh-Punjab border and the largest share of sugar production in Pakistan is shared by Rahim Yar Khan’s sugar mills.

Two of a family die in raod mishap

Two of a family were killed in a road accident near Chak No 5 on KLP Road near Sadiqabad, some 20 km from Rahim Yar Khan, the other day.

As per details, Ali Muhammad was on his way on a motorcycle with his son Ali Afzal and wife Shama Begum. Near Chak No 5 on KLP Road, a trailer coming from wrong side hit them and killed Ali Muhammad and Ali Afzal. Ali Muhammad’s wife Shama Begum sustained serious injuries.

Rescuers shifted her to Sadiqabad Hospital where her condition was critical. Driver of the trailer escaped from the scene. Police have registered an FIR against the driver.