This gradual increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere is negatively impacting nature and mounts a serious threat to people. Global warming affects the population and distribution of species, ecological composition, natural production of fuels and goods leading to habitat fragmentation, change in climate and overexploitation. The climate is changing and is largely caused by human activities. It is generally attributed to greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFC’s and variety of pollutants. All these factors are and will be contributing to rising sea levels, floods, droughts and various diseases. Researches are being undertaken and it has been said that the temperature around the world is about to increase by 1-3.5 degree Celsius by the next century. This is really an alarming and threating condition for humans as many factors contributing to global warming are manmade which are causing serious harms to the environment.

Due to the harmful hazards of global warming and climate change, many people have been migrating from their homes. In the mid-1990’s, about 25 million people migrated because of environmental hazards i.e. floods, land degradation and pollution. By 2050, an estimated 200 million migrants are expected which is 10 times the current number. Climate change is making certain parts of the world less viable to live by increasing the frequency and intensity of floods and storms, making food and water supplies less reliable due to which people are being forced to migrate to flee for their lives. Environmental degradation, a major cause of population displacement, is socially and spatially constructed. The environmental displacement is basically caused by lack of water, salination of irrigated lands, depletion of biodiversity and desertification. Climate change is unpredictable when added to existing social, economic and political situations, and it has the potential to ignite conflicts with disastrous consequences. Those who migrate are named as climate or environmental refugees. Refuges require all human rights i.e. home, job. The protection of these environmentally displaced person is paramount in context of the law. These refuges also burden the already existing community and economy.

Overcrowding, attempts to fulfil their needs, providing them employment that is already limited for already existing members, the spread of various contagious diseases and many other issues, may be contributing to disturb overall economy and health of community. The refugees have to deal with discrimination. Future generations will also be facing a worse situation as the young population is already suffering from metabolic, physiologic and developmental issues. This forced immigration is impacting the whole range of community rights like from water, sanitation, food, housing, health and education.

Climate change is impacting human rights in many ways, and if proper action is not taken, the risk to human life, climate and nature will become much worse. These forced environmental immigrations have deprived refugees from many human rights. We all have the right to adequate housing and living but floods and droughts have destroyed peoples’ homes, therefore, they are leaving their lands and moving to new places with no income source and limited food products. Health, a main determinant of life, is extremely affected that is reflected in emergence and spread of tremendous diseases that is not only affecting the quality of life but has made survival difficult in this environment. These contagious diseases that spread from one person to another have made the acceptance of these refugees in the community a bit terrifying.

An unstable environment has provoked risks that must be undertaken. We must take steps to help everyone to adapt to the effects of climate change to ease its impact on human rights. We could perhaps decrease the exposure of people to climate related risks and supposed poverty. We should induce steps to decrease greenhouse emissions, reduce sea-level related risks, decrease the ratio of global population exposed to water stress. There should be more planting of trees as it prevents the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming is a threat to the life of humans and animals. Seminars should be conducted, and the media should play a vital role to make people aware about the consequences and effects of global warming. All the factors contributing to the development of global warming must be taken seriously by the government and also by every individual as every person is responsible for climate change and every person should put forward their effort to reduce the effects of global warming on the environment, climate, human rights and quality of life and prevent the habitat of many living organisms from being destroyed.