Karachi                  -                KE is fully cognisant of its responsibilities and committed to standing by the people of Karachi during this unprecedented situation.

The power utility is ensuring business continuity even in these difficult circumstances and has stepped forward to provide relief to customers by ensuring uninterrupted power supply and exempting critical hospital sites from load-shed.

In light of the request made by the Provincial Government and to further facilitate customers, KE has also decided to extend the due dates of all bills below Rs4,000 till April 10, 2020.

The power utility is compelled to emphasise that providing uninterrupted power to Karachi’s citizens is its highest responsibility right now especially as people continue to stay indoors.

Discharging this responsibility requires business continuity and the ability to make necessary fuel purchases.

The power utility has been bringing to the attention of the Provincial and Federal Government for several months that KE’s outstanding dues have ballooned to over Rs240 billion; an unsustainable level which can drastically impact K-Electric’s ability to manage routine operations.

KE has urgently appealed to both the Federal and Provincial Government for payments against these outstanding dues so that the power utility can continue service provision.

K-Electric will continue to closely monitor the developing situation and remain engaged with relevant authorities to ensure that it can continue to serve its customers and ensure reliable power supply.