Oh God save us


Our country Pakistan which is just following the title of so-called development since it established, caught by the Coronavirus. Two positive signs of it, has been shown who have recently travelled from Iran to Pakistan and brought it. Likewise, province Balochistan is victimised.

A country which loses the ability to have a command on garbage, gutter, robbing, unemployment, anti-rabies vaccination and so many problems, how Pakistanis including myself expect the government to cut out this newly Coronavirus that has been a dangerous headache just not only for China but also for all the world. We just look for politicians agreeing to one another rather than thinking about the welfare of nation.

I suggest and request to our beloved Pakistan that please act upon the advices of scholars. If any symptoms of Coronavirus is found in you then immediately report to Doctors and follow the isolation to make sure others are not affected.



Help needed

 I am a resident of G-13 sector in Islamabad. We are facing a myriad of problems; water scarcity being on the top. While the supply of water in summer was a constant thorn in the flesh, the situation used to ease a bit in winter months in previous years. However, for the last one year since the PTI government came to power, the water supply even during chilly winter months has completely disappeared for most of the areas of this sector. People are forced to stand in long queues for hours in extreme weather to book a water tanker against payment. In other words, water supply is first stopped and then the same water is sold to the residents through tankers.

Ironically, it was a part of PTI’s election manifesto to take G-13 out of the clutches of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF), which has the administrative control over this sector. However, now the Housing Foundation has been elevated to an Authority. With this double U-turn on PTI’s part, this department’s performance has further deteriorated.

Water is a fundamental necessity of life and its provision to the citizens one of the top responsibilities of the State. Islamabad has a relatively small population. G-13 is not a remote area of Balochistan but one of the so-called developed sectors. If the Government cannot supply water to this small segment of the capital, it has got no right to stay in power.

As a responsible citizen as well as a victim, I have exhausted all possible avenues available to me to find some relief. This includes correspondence with FGEHA; the MNA of this area Asad Umar, Pakistan Citizens Portal managed by Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit and last but not the least the Federal Ombudsman’s office. Nothing has worked thus far. Consequently, the residents suffering has no end in sight.

Through this letter, I request the Hon. Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto notice of this situation and order the relevant department to restore water supply to the area immediately.



Condemn fake saints

 Lets talk about the people who showed themselves linked with God or other respectable saints. ‘Some are but mostly not all.’ With due respect this is not for everyone but yet this is for the ones who claim themselves a saint and ask people to worship them but they are actually not! They are illusionist which plays on people’s decency, adorability by taking advantage of their problems or by naming disease. In aspects, they make fun.

The issue that has been hopping in media several times but as usual not a step has been taken by police or authorities in order to arrest such black sheep. Numerous cases have been reported where their inner wolf is revealed by beating an old man, by harassing, by hypnotising, by molesting their clients.

Through the column of your newspaper I earnestly ask the prevention of this illegal and hypocrite business.