CHITRAL                -                 Member National Assembly Mau­lana Abdul Akbar Chitrali Sunday called for taking preventive mea­sures in Lower and Upper Chitral so that people could be provided due facilities in wake of coronavi­rus outbreak.

Addressing a press confer­ence, MNA Maulana Abdul Ak­bar Chitrali assured the govern­ment that he would extend all out support and cooperation to the provincial as well as federal government in their fight against Coronavirus.

He demanded the provincial government to provide a team of trained doctors and health staff to the district with proper kits so that they could be able to serve the people of Chitral.

The district headquarters hospi­tal had been designated as an iso­lation ward, but there were only four ventilators, which were not operational.

He demanded of the provincial government to announce fund for lower and upper Chitral.

“We are fully prepared to coop­erate with the government and ad­ministration on coronavirus if the administration takes us into confi­dence,” he added.

He also appealed to the people to stay in their homes and avoid unnecessary roaming out