DADU                  -                The dwellers of Shahani Muhalla have said that they have lost their patience owing to frequent outages, particularly at a time where there is a virtual lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Talking to the media here on Sunday, they said the food items were rotting in their refrigerators due to the absence of electricity.

They further said there was no water in their homes, and their lives had been badly disturbed.

They said they had lodged complaints with the SEPCO authorities several times, but to no avail.

The residents of Shahani Muhalla said they were already under economic stress due to the imposition of a ban by the government on the assembly of people due to the fears of spread of Covid-19.

They said they had lost their jobs since they had been asked to remain indoors.

One of them told the newsmen that her mother was suffering from cancer, adding what would become of her in this condition when there are frequent power outages.

The residents demanded the concerned authorities take notice of the situation, and ensure provision of electricity and water to them round the clock.