According to news (16th of May) a father of six children committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. The train was very obliging. It did what the suicider had wanted it to do. It solved all his problems forever by crushing him to pieces. A letter was recovered from the dead body. Luckily, the train did not destroy the letter. The letter revealed that the deceased was suffering from severe medical problems. But because of his extreme poverty he was unable to buy medical assistance. As he was dying of sickness, his six children were simultaneously dying of hunger. He decided to kill his problems by killing himself. Nature is very kind-hearted. It has made death available to poverty-stricken people free of charge. Had death not been so freely available to the miserable father, what would have he done to de-chain himself from his agony? One just shudders to imagine In the recent past, a mother tied her kids to herself and jumped into a canal. The canal mercifully relieved the entire family of its misery forever. Another mother along with her kids jumped onto a railway track. The train mercifully relieved them of their misery forever. Still another mother poisoned her kids and herself. The poison mercifully relieved them of their misery forever. On the same day when the father of six children committed suicide there was another news. It announced that a national university had evolved a project under which the university would study the living habits of the natural bird popularly known as the bat. The bat-research would cost the university Rs 3.177 million. It is hoped that inspired by the bat-project, some other university would launch a research-project about the conduct of our cats and rats. Obviously, it is our moral obligation that we must know all we can know about our bats and cats and rats. But we have not undertaken a research project which aims at knowing the real causes of the misery of our masses. Had we been as sensitive about the plight of our poor masses as we have been our bats, some national university would long ago have started discovering the real causes of the general misery of the masses. We have lots of money for studying the life-style of our bats. But we don't have even a single penny for studying the death-style of our masses. Since our universities have so far ignored grappling with the problem of the national poverty, let's implore some kind-hearted sociologist to write a book under the title: "The life-style of the Pakistani bats versus the death-style of the Pakistani masses." You cannot solve a problem unless you know its real causes. So far we have detested to know the real causes of the horrific misery of the masses. We don't want to know the causes because we don't want to solve the problem. Let the misery flourish unabated. The self-killings of our masses are as common as suicide killings in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no problem under the sun which you cannot solve if you have the will to solve it. Probably, our rulers are born with a will never to solve our poverty problems. We can rid the masses of their poverty only by riding the rich of a tiny part of their riches. Would such a riding ever taking place in our land? One simply wonders Our masses are human stray dogs. They keep dying of starvation. The rulers are unaffected. They are unaffected because they have never had a personal experience of starvation. A politician who has once been a minister but fails to be a minister again is more miserable than a starving citizen. He is miserable because he knows what he is missing. Can a ruler know what starvation means if he has never experienced starvation? We can rid the country of starvation only by subjecting every ruler to starvation for a month or so. If you look at the life-style of the rulers and then you look at the starvation-style of the masses, you would instantaneously lose your eyesight. The misery of the masses and the prosperity of the prosperous are interdependent. The greater the misery of the masses, the greater the affluence of the affluent. As the poor grow poorer their labour grows cheaper. And as the labour grows cheaper the rich grow richer. During our entire history, the major obligation of our rulers has been to spend lavishly what the poor labourers created by the sweat of their brows. This economic extremism has been our national identity. The rulers have been proud of it. But when the Devil came to know of it he fled Pakistan for good. He realised that he had nothing to do in Pakistan any more.