Nowadays in our province, the hot topic of discussion is the renaming of NWFP. This topic arises after every few years, whenever the red-shirts come to the power this becomes the burning issue. In the present scenario, we have to take some bold steps to provide relief to our masses but lets first think if this is, indeed, the issue which will provide relief to our poor people. Will it reduce poverty, extremism and energy crisis? I have a very simple suggestion in this regard. I agree that this name does not represent any ethnic group of our province and it is also a legacy of the colonial era. But halt for a moment. If we want to change the name, we should also introduce some changes first to get rid of terrorism, energy crisis and poverty. Then if our provincial government would change the name of this 'changed province', it would be worth it. Otherwise it will be just like the old wine in a new bottle. -ANWAR ALI SHAH, Chitral, via e-mail, April 30.