At this critical period in our nation's history, when we are locked in a struggle with an insurgent enemy, we have an opportunity to break the stranglehold of the militant religious groups over our governments - provincial and federal. Prime Minister Gilani is to be lauded for his successfully bringing together 'all' the political parties together at the APC, and getting a unanimous support for the army action in Swat. The 'collection of parties' were a complete cross-section of the political divide, and the body language varied from the sullen disgruntled, to the morose, there was scarcely a happy face in the House. But they joined in the approval to the army action. This joint declaration was hard won, and is the finest achievement of PM Gilani to date. Another achievement was the ulema joining together to declare that suicide bombings is haram, and the attacks on our soldiers are also haram. This is another big plus for the PM. Never have all the various sects joined together on any subject. Yet on May 21 a leading English daily carried a photograph showing a vociferous procession of JI women protesting against the army action. In the backdrop of our soldiers fighting for the people of the northern areas, amidst mounting causalities, it can be construed as an act of subversion. For not only are lives being lost, but the very soil of Pakistan is under threat and occupation of the declared enemies of Pakistan. These same enemies are busy planting mines in the Swat valley, destroying the once beautiful land. These JI activists should be taken to Swat and shown the minefields, for the mines will not distinguish between the religious beliefs of its victims, but are the manifestation of the evil hatred that the Taliban are expressing towards fellow Muslims. The targets will be the children of Swatis, unless the mines are cleared. Imran Khan must also immediately take up the issue of the land mines for apart from it being the favourite cause of the late Princess Diana it also will render his pastime of hiking in the northern areas a very dangerous exercise. These are weapons of a very evil mindset, and have been banned in most countries. Imran Khan and the JI must speak unequivocally against this weapon, and have a stop put to it right away. It is also time that the media comes out clearly against the Taliban, and calls for a series of protest marches against the activities of the Taliban and in support of our armed forces. These rallies must be announced throughout Pakistan, and should be taken up by all the educational institutions, and especially by children, so that they are made aware of the horrors of war. We must also stop blaming the Americans for our problems, and address the issues ourselves, now maybe it is time that the political parties get together to fight the enemy at the grassroots level, for the giving of charity to the IDPs is not enough, but we must expose the persons who created the movement of the IDPs. The despair and anger of the IDPs should be channelled into the fight against the Taliban, for it is the Taliban who are responsible for the misery being faced by the IDPs. Also the JI leadership should be taken to the camps, and should try and make their declaration for their support to the Taliban so that the refugees can show their anger at the supporters of the enemy. The Maulanas Sufi and Baitullah Mehsud are now firmly etched in the refugees minds as the cause of their misery. This opportunity must not be missed to show to the people how religion can and is misused by the religious parties, in their grab for power. And how terror tactics were used by the Taliban, not unlike the torturers of Guantanamo. The armed forces are doing an admirable job fighting the enemy of our soil, and need our support. The politicians should also make their presence known amongst the frontline troops, and not in air-conditioned TV studios. The battle for the hearts and minds of the people is being fought, and we require everyone to do his bit. To appear in a rally "against " the army operation is tantamount to giving support to the enemy, and that is a very serious offence especially when we are at war. The Ministry of Interior should carefully examine the photos and should decide if an offence has been committed, and the severity of that offence. This cannot be allowed to pass, and the PM should indeed be made aware that these acts run contrary to his efforts at the national consensus backing the army. The writer is a political analyst