Lahore High Courts decision to ban Facebook indefinitely has created some bit of confusion among Pakistani users of the social networking site. Facebook had gained tremendous popularity not only among the socialites, the jet set and youth of the nation but even among the businesses which find it an excellent channel to advertise their products. Facebook prides itself for being the platform for open discussion and for the leeway it gives to its users to freely practice their right of free speech. However, the latest development on the website, The Draw Muhammad Day has been a stab in the heart for all its Muslim users. Thursday, 20th of May was announced as the day artists throughout the world would compete in drawing caricatures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Muslims all over the world reacted in different ways. Most declared to boycott use of Facebook altogether in the hope of causing a financial loss to the website. The Pakistani outrage, as manifested by orders of the Lahore High Court, was most pronounced with Pakistan Telecommunications Agency banning the website starting from May 19 onwards to an indefinite period of time. This means that almost 2 million Pakistani users would not log on to Facebook. Pakistan may have had a considerable bit of contribution to make in the total percentage of loss Facebook would be incurring daily. We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way. Facebook said. We, the Pakistani users, however, do not feel the same way. We may be keen users of Facebook but when it comes to putting our foot down for an issue as important as this, we are united against Facebook. The Facebook offer to make the contents of the blasphemous competition inaccessible to Pakistani users is not good enough. We acknowledge the step taken by the court wholeheartedly and congratulate the whole nation for standing by this decision. -AMNA HAMEED, Islamabad, May 21.