KARACHI As a loyal lieutenant Sirajul Islam Bukhari immediately after winning the coveted office of the president of the KCCA unopposed at the election of the body here on Saturday declared that he would leave the office in favour of Dr MA Shah if the outgoing president won his appeal at the Supreme Court against the Sindh High Court decision to restrain the doctor from contesting the KCCA election. Minutes after the PCB election commissioner Abdul Sami Khan, a former first class cricketer from Lahore, officially announced Sirajul Islam Bukhari elected to the post unopposed, the former secretary of the KCCA addressing 21 officials of the seven zones of the city who were eligible to vote in the election here at the National Stadium said that Dr MA Shah had decided to appeal in Supreme Court against the Sindh High Court decision delivered on the eve of the election restraining the reputed orthopedic surgeon from being a candidate at the election. Sirajul Islam, amidst clapping of the zonal office-bearers, said if Dr Shah won the appeal, he would vacate the office to bring in Dr Shah to the office which he held for the last four years. If this happened, he said, necessary adjustments would be made and he would revert back to the secretarial position and Prof Ejaz Farooqi who has been elected as new secretary of the KCCA in place of Bukhari would go back to his original position of senior vice persidenet in the organization. When TheNation approached the PCB election commissioner to comment what would be the modus operandi if what Bukhari had wished happened, Abdul Sami Khan said there was a procedure in case an office fell vacant for any reason through resignation or any other reason. The PCB would hold fresh election for the office, he said. Besides Sirajul Islam Bukhari, MM Mehdi was also declared elected unopposed as treasurer of the cricket body. Both were the only candidate for the two offices. However, there was direct contest between Prof Ejaz Farooqi, a candidate of the KCCA and Riaz Shah for the office of the secretary of the body. Riaz Shah was an alleged unwanted candidate for the KCCA after he went for legal action against one of the office bearers of the KCCA recently. There was tension in the air when the election hour came close. Both Prof Ejaz Farooqi and Riaz Shah were present in the committee room of the National Stadium when election commissioner brought the house in order. All 21 office-bearers of the seven cricket zones of the city were also present. They form the electoral college to elected three office bearer of the KCCA. Two offices were filled without any contest unopposed but a needle competition was expected for the secretarial office. Riaz Shah initially objected to the candidature of Sirajul Islam Bukhari with the election commissioner and accused that the commissioner was allegedly biased in favour of Sirajul Islam Bukhari because Bukhari being a government employee was not eligible as candidate. Abdul Sami Khan rejected the objection and also ruled out a request that elections should be postponed upon which Riaz Shah left the room. Later, the votes for the secretarial position were cast. All the 21 votes were cast in favour of Prof Ejaz Farooqi who was declared winner by 21 votes to nothing. The PCB election commissioner shortly issued the official notification and declared all the three candidates winner. He also requested the candidates to sign a PCB undertaking and address the voters. Sirajul Islam Bukhari, a former professor of science, read the undertaking quickly before signing the papers. So did the other two candidates. The election commissioner when approached to give the details of what is written in the two page undertaking document that he could not give the details of the paper. These kind of documents in the past had created controversies because it demanded unqualified loyalty of the elected official and his organization to the PCB. Sirajul Islam Bukhari and Prof Ejaz Farooqi in their victory speeches declared to serve the sport and promote it in the city. Bukhari advised the workers and office bearers of the seven cricket zones to continue to serve the sport with the same determination and dedication they had shown in the past. He, however, added that the KCCA should not allow trouble makers in its ranks. These trouble makers in the past had tried to damage the KCCA, he said. He however, did not take the name of such trouble makers. On Friday Dr MA Shah, who is Sindh Sports Minister, was restrained from contesting the election. Sindh High Court dismissed the constitutional petition filed by Dr Mohammad Ali Shah wherein he has prayed before the honourable court to declare that the petitioner as a qualified and eligible person to contest the elections of the KCCA 2010 and to restraint the Respondents (PCB) from holding the stated elections without approval of the federal government. The Sindh High Court dismissed the petition on merit declaring the election rules as stated in the PCB constitution are valid and any election the PCB undertakes should be in conformity of these rules. It is pertinent to mention here that under PCB constitution, nobody, who holds a government office or is a member of legislative body may contest the elections of any association.