The Muslim Ummah is passing through one of the most critical phases of its history. Its condition today is that of a ship without rudder. It has lost direction because of a lack of vision to build upon its past political, religious, economic, social, cultural, and moral glory. There are more than fifty Muslim countries on the map right now but none is strong enough to defend itself. Some major causes of the downfall of Muslim Ummah are: 1. Muslims everywhere have forgotten the true message of Islam and have accepted distortions in the form of many un-Islamic practices. 2. Politically, Muslim Ummah has been disunited and disorganized. The anti-Muslim forces have taken advantage of it and have weakened us further through conspiracies. 3. On the economic front, Muslim countries are not strong enough to face the growing economic challenges of the world economy. Their imports are generally higher than their exports, causing them to have a poor balance of trade and payments, they are forever in need of foreign aid which is given to them by their enemies usually on stiff conditionalities. That effectively takes away their sovereignty to act in the interest of themselves or the Ummah. 4. Scientific education plays an important role in development and growth of a nation. But virtually all Muslim countries of the world have ignored modern education and have been making do with imparting religious education to their children. -ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, May 20.