LONDON - PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that the govt should refrain from taking any step, which may endanger the country. He also warned that confrontation with the judiciary could pose a threat to the solidarity of Pakistan. In exclusive chat with The Nation before leaving London for Pakistan, he remarked that the judiciary was free now and everyone ought to respect it. He urged the government to concentrate on peoples problems rather than picking up a row with the judiciary. Neither we want to take benefit of the existing situation to weaken the government nor do we wish to bring the government to an end in order to come to power. We only wish that the govt should pull itself together. He said there could be no clash if all the institutions worked within their respective limits. Nawaz said he and the Punjab CM, Shahbaz Sharif, accompanied by other PML-N leaders would visit Hunza the tomorrow to take some practical measures for the people of Hunza. The govt should have given all possible help to the people of Hunza. Had it been done, the people would not have come out on the roads, being disappointed by insufficient relief work of the govt, the ex-premier opined. Earlier, when Mian Nawaz Sharif, accompanied by his wife, Kalsoom Nawaz, arrived at Heathrow airport for flying to Pakistan, he was bade farewell good bye by PML-N UK President Zubair Gul, Secretary General Raja Javed Iqbal, Senior Vice-President Nasir Mahmood Butt and Raja Muhammad Zarif.