MULTAN (APP) - Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Malik Israr Ahmad Awan said on Saturday the MCCI should be given maximum role in the management of the Agro Food Processing (AFP) facility to gain maximum benefits. Talking to newsmen at the MCCI office, he said the AFP or mango pulp plant was established after decades-old efforts to enhance value added food exports and it could yield maximum benefit provided it was run with better management and planning. He said Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani had inaugurated it few months ago as a public-private partnership initiative and it was undoubtedly an invaluable gift from the government to orchard owners and fruit exporters to enhance not only their own income but also to contribute to the national economy through value added exports. He, however, added that the facility had not yet yielded desired results so far. Mr Awan suggested the plant should not remain confined to mango processing only but be utilized to process tomatoes, apple, guava and other fruit. The plant can enhance value added fruit products provided the MCCI is given maximum role in its management, he added.