LAHORE - Religious parties are not satisfied with the apology by the culprit cartoonist of blasphemous material and have termed his sorry word only a ploy to cheat the Muslims as this impression, they feel, fortified by the republication of the profane images by a South African newspaper. They religious leaders believe that the Western world would not give up teasing Muslims by their evil acts which directly hit at their faith and religious sentiments. They said they would not be duped by the sham apologies and would not come to rest unless due punishment is awarded to the persons involved in Facebook competition of blasphemous cartoons. In this regard Tehrike Hurmate Rasool (SAW) would continue protest against the caricatures and the Western designs to play with the religious sentiments of Muslims. A meeting of the Ulema and religious scholars belonging to various groups and organisations was held here on Saturday and took decision to the said effect. On the occasion Ameer Jamatud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said people from every walk of life were up in arms against the Western move of disrespecting our most respected religious personality but on the part of the government due resentment had not been coming forth. He said the rulers must come out of pressure from any side and play their due role to condemn the caricature competition. He also found certain political parties on the Opposition side not playing their due role against the Western move. He also demanded a permanent ban on the Facebook and also said Muslims rulers all over the world get a law approved from UN on giving death penalty to the makers of the blasphemous cartoons or to one who produced anything of that kind. Hafiz Saeed also called for constituting a Muslim body to counter such onsets on the faith of Muslims and said, the jews and the anti-Muslims would continue to conspire against them until they counter them with unity and standing on a single platform. He said economic and cultural boycott of those states involved in producing and encouraging blasphemous cartoons was need of the hour. Convener of the Tehrik Maulana Ameer Hamza warned the government of serious consequences if it lifted restrictions on the Facebook. He also demanded of the government to sever diplomatic ties with the countries where the rude and arrogance act of blasphemous cartoons had been carried out. Maulana Rana Shamshad Silfi, Hafiz Saifullah Mansoor, Maulana Mubashir and others also spoke on the occasion.