In the pre-British history of Lahore, the city was divided into three principalities, each having a Sikh ruler. The three Sikh chieftains who ruled principalities of Lahore were Lehna Singh, Sobha Singh and Gujjar Singh. They were cruel and avaricious and often killed ordinary folk for petty reasons, sometimes for the sake of even vain pride. They had a kind of agreement between them that they wouldnt fight among each other. But thieves are united only in theft, never in the distribution of booty. So despite their agreement, each of the three kept on with incursions into one or the others territory, often using their own hapless, innocent populace to their peril in the quest for acquiring new territory. That so many of their citizens died in these misadventures never did bother the chieftains and they kept killing for sport till their own destruction. The misrule of the three chieftains of Lahore is known as 'Seh-Khalsa rule (rule of three Sikhs) and this period of murder, mayhem and conspiracy is referred to as 'Sikha Shahi period. These three greedy rulers were the ones who had uprooted the marble, precious stones, wood, even bricks from the Mughal monuments of the area and sold them as second-hand items in bazaars of Lahore. They say the history repeats itself. I fully agree with this and we are seeing a resurgence of misrule of the triumvirate, not in Lahore but in Karachi. May Allah have mercy upon the innocent people of Karachi. -DR AFREEN QAZILBASH, Thatta, May 22.