LAHORE - With urbanisation, the domestic electricity consumption is rising day after day that eating up due share of industrial and agriculture sectors besides deepening electricity crisis in the country, it has been learnt. The household sector has become the largest consumer of electricity by consuming 58 per cent of the total production of electricity in domestic usage across the country, sources told The Nation. On the other hand, both the industrial and agriculture sectors are consuming just 27 percent production. Sources in PEPCO revealed that household sector is consuming 58 percent of total electricity production which is 12,538 MW, while commercial sector is consuming 11 percent, agriculture sector 7 percent, industrial sector 20 percent and in other sectors including government offices 4 percent electricity is being consumed. According to official sources, countrys electricity demand stands at 15,086 MW and shortfall of electricity is about 2,600MW. The shortfall is managed by loadshedding and distribution of quota of electricity to each sector including household sector. About electricity production, KESC is producing 710MW, hydel 4,632MW, thermal 2,337MW, IPPs 5,485MW and RPPs 84MW and new power projects, if made operational, will also not fulfil need of haphazard population growth. The sources revealed that the government is also thinking to give a conservation plan to control usage of electricity in the household sector. The conservation plan for domestic consumers will work through a new formula of very higher rates for very higher users. People will be discouraged from using more electricity by varying electricity rates. It is feared that the household consumption will further rise up with rural influx. Official sources revealed that the government is about to finalise a policy for housing societies and big industrial units making it mandatory for them to generate electricity for their needs and rely less on government generated electricity so that it may be saved for other sectors. They said the big industrial units and posh housing societies can be helped financially by the govt to set up their own electricity generation units which will ultimately reduce deadly impact of the power crisis on the country. The commercial sector including all markets and shops is consuming just 11 percent of the total production. Instead of tightening commercial sector any more the energy conservation plan will be put on domestic consumers, official said. Few years ago electricity consumption in household sector was less than 40 percent while industrial or commercial consumption was higher compared to present one. The same is the case of agriculture, which is facing cut in its power share due to the expansion of household consumption and demands of power supply in cities.