LAHORE - Women are being discouraged and humiliated in different walks of life in the name of religion and honour but it is the need of the hour that they must be given equal opportunities in all walks of life especially in politics. These views were expressed by the speakers at a national conference on Women, Religion and Politics in Pakistan held at a local hotel on Saturday. Different heads, chairmen, politicians and leaders of women organisations threw light upon the role of the males while alleging that the males in Pakistan always tried to suppress the women but in the modern era they (women) are working not less than the men in every field of life. MNA Bushra Gohar, the senior leader of ANP speaking on the occasion said that womens participation during the process of legislation and policy making must be considered, adding that she had played his pivotal role in fighting the conservativeness of MMA on different issues like music, after when she was elected as MNA. MNA Bushra Gohar said she was working to mobilise the student unions along with their active participation in the politics of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which in the past always ignored and different student unions were always used by politicians as a tool to show powers. Former MNA Mehanz Rafi said she was working for the womens rights since 1976 but so far she was not satisfied with the so-called religious clerics and politicians, who were causing hurdles in the betterment of women. Anjumn Mazarin, Women Wing leader Aqeela Naz said she was working for the women since last ten years and so far she had mobilised about 5,000 women of the various women organisations. Amar Sidhu of Women Action Forum deplored that the women of 'Dadu-Johi Ka were not being provided the justice even in the era of PPP government whereas about 5,000 women had staged protest demonstration at the time of the Benazirs assassination. She alleged that even an MNA of current government had been supporting the rapists who raped a girl (daughter) of the woman who also participated in the protest against the assassination of martyred Mohtaram Benazir Bhutto. Rukhsana Ali of Balochistan said that her husband had become the victim of targeted killing but it was condemnable when a female teacher of Balochistan University was tortured when was travelling in a rickshaw. Ms Shaheen the ex-minister said system of local government was must to strengthen the women role as well as providing them the basic rights in society, adding the rape cases of females should strongly be fought and protested by women on the solid grounds ignoring all diverse pressures. MPA Sajida Mir during the question-answer session highlighted the discrimination of political parties, which always prioritised the electing of the influential families. In question-answer session one Dr Tahira pinpointed that women after being elected with the support of women were keeping themselves away from their supporters problems and issues.