PARACHINAR - Six people including the pilot of a small passenger plane were injured when it crashed while landing on Parachinar Airport, Saturday. As per details, during the landing the plane slid off the runway and was badly damaged. The incident resulted in sustaining injuries to 6 persons including the pilot of the plane Imran Javed. The rest of the injured persons were identified as Mushtaq Hussain, Dildar Huss-ain, Mushtaq, Gohar and Shoaib. The injured persons were rushed to the agency headquarters hospital Parachinar for treatment. According to the pilot Imran Javed the accident occurred as the planes nose-wheel was jammed. Political Agent of Kurrum Agency Abdul Basir Khan Wazir, and Commandant Officer FC Colonel Tauseef Akhtar and Col Mubeen reached the airport and monitored the aid work being carried out. Levies personnel took away parts of the damaged plane and washed the run way. It is to mention here that due to law and order situation and closure of routes people mostly resort to air travel to reach the agency headquarters.