AS Attabad Lake threatens to break out of the bounds nature has set for it, nearly 60,000 people stand in danger of losing everything they have in this world, some even their lives. But Prime Minister Gilani, who at last thought it fit to pay a visit to the area on Friday, left the local community and observers as dejected and as frustrated as they were before, if not more so, because his presence had given them high hopes about what the government planned to do to ensure their safety and subsistence under these critical times. Mr Gilani announced a compensation of Rs 500,000 for the families of those (around 20) who had died as a result of the landslide that buried an entire village, and Rs 100,000 for the injured, but no more. In fact, the official view seems to be that everything would be all right. Quite strangely, the Prime Minister busied himself in performing the formality of cutting the tape, only to open langar (free meal), while the hungry people waited for food under the blazing sun. There were voices of protests against the 'uneventful visit as seen through a private TV channel. So far, about 15,000 have either been evacuated, mainly by the armys helicopter service, or managed to leave their abodes, as their villages came under the flood waters. Many more villages would be submerged, once the melting glaciers, throwing 25,000 cusecs in the lake as against the outflow of 200 cusecs, overflow the brim, only seven to eight feet away. Since the lake began forming in 2005, first rather slowly and now pretty fast, one would hold the Musharraf regime as well as the present government responsible for not working out how to make sure that the surrounding villages remained safe and its waters were diverted to the Indus flowing beside Karakoram Highway. In that case, it could have helped somewhat ease the scarcity of water the country is experiencing these days. The National Disaster Management Authority and the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), which could have been active there long ago, should play their role in this looming disaster.