LAHORE (Online) - The Lahore Police has claimed that they have found important evidences in connection with the red-light area cracker blasts. The police also said that the persons involved in this heinous act would be apprehended soon. According to details, five low intensity cracker blasts went off on Friday night in the red-light area, injuring five persons. The blasts triggered panic among the inhabitants. The police have not succeeded to arrest any criminal so far in this regard. The police claimed that eyewitnesses said that some two or three suspected people were seen in the area who were believed to be Pathans. The electricity was off in the area at the time of blasts. An injured police personnel stated that he noticed that some bottles were laid at the road and were exploded abruptly. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier such type of cracker blasts had occurred in Garhi Shahu, Rafi Pir, Al-Falah, Tamaseel Theaters, Cultural Complex and Iqbal Town in the past.