It is a fate of the unfortunate people of Karachi to be subjected to sporadic bursts of organised terror and targeted killings every three or four months. Although happening since 1985, it has now assumed the character of being a permanent feature of the cityscape with only the killings getting to be more gory, more ruthless each time. Every time this happens, the federal Minister of Interior rushes to London with a message which strangely enough, cannot be communicated on a phone line. It has to be delivered personally, perhaps in a suitcase. That is how 'peace is negotiated, or bought, for short spans ranging from 3 to 6 months. Then, all of a sudden, goons on motorcycles re-emerge one day in various parts of Karachi, killing at will. Never has anybody been arrested and probably never shall. So the process of restoration of peace begins all over again with the governments roaming ambassador of peace reaching London post haste. This is what happens when there is no rule of law in a country and politics of compromises is culminated with all supping with the devil on the high table. The majority of victims of this cycle of violence are poor, mostly Pakhtuns and other immigrants to this city who have come here in search of petty labour. As long as the local people of Karachi who have been witnessing these events in silence till now, do not stand up and reject these murderers, peace would never be restored. Those who make millions from this trade of blood would continue to do so because that has become their way of life and source of livelihood. All mafias, including Karachis land mafia, thrive with the support and patronage of Karachis political stakeholders. That, logically, should include these criminals too that appear from nowhere to unleash death upon innocents all over the Karachi city every now and then. If they did not have support of the political stakeholders, how could they dare confront the power of the state? -ALI M TARIQ, Dubai, May 21.