SADIQABAD - Speakers at an anti-dengue seminar urged all the organisations to play their role to create awareness among the masses to fight dengue virus. 
The seminar was organised by Anjuman Falah-e-Marizaan at Irtiza House in Sadiqabad. On the occasion, Anjuman President Shaukat Dawood said that to eradicate evils from the society is the first and foremost duty of everyone. He said that instead of depending on the government, the public should discharge their duties regarding virtuous and social welfare activities. The seminar was also attended by Deputy District Officer Social Welfare Rabia Khalid, Dr Nasrullah and Muhammad Anwar.
Mr Dawood said that a Falahi Trust was being set up in Sadiqabad to provide free ultrasound and laboratory facilities. Rabia Khalid urged the people to take preventive measures to fight the menace. Dr Nasrullah urged the community to come forward for eliminating dengue mosquito.
He said that it is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows other symptoms such as headache, fever, exhaustion, severe muscle and joint pain, swollen glands and rash. Other signs of dengue fever include bleeding gums, severe pain behind the eyes, and red palms and soles, he added.
Dengue strikes people with low levels of immunity. Because it is caused by one of four serotypes of virus, it is possible to get dengue fever multiple times. However, an attack of dengue produces immunity for a lifetime to that particular serotype to which the patient was exposed, he explained.
The virus is contracted from the bite of a striped aedes aegypti mosquito that has previously bitten an infected person. The mosquito flourishes during rainy seasons but can breed in water-filled flowerpots, plastic bags and cans year round. One mosquito bite can inflict the disease, he said.
The expert said controlling of this disease depends upon stopping the eggs of mosquito from becoming larva as vaccine and antiviral drug of dengue had not been developed yet. Active participation of the masses is essential, they added. He said that increase in population, shifting of people from one place to another for livelihood, modern lifestyles and carelessness in treatment were the causes that made it an epidemic. Eggs of dengue mosquito survive for one year, therefore, people must dry water inside and outside the houses for destroying these eggs. The dengue mosquito bites in white light (energy saver) at night, it was added.