RAJANPUR - The committee formed by the PML-N chief following a rift erupted among the local party leaders has made its decision and issued directives to the confronting politicians of Rajanpur.
Political differences erupted between Sher Ali Khan Gorchani, an Advisor to Punjab CM and Hassam Javed Gorchani, the district president of PML-N, reached their climax. Exchange of calumnious and slanderous statements is an order the day. One faction is being led by Sher Ali Khan Gorchani while the other by Hassam Javed Khan Gorchani.
According to sources Hassam is being supported by Khosa Group of D.G. Khan while Sher Ali Khan is in direct contact with Sharif brothers. In present scenario close relatives of Sher Ali Khan are taking active part in support of the advisor.
Earlier, senior leaders of PML-N Kaleemuddin Koreja and Kamal Fareed Malik informed the top leadership of the situation at Lahore. Taking a notice of these political difference, Nawaz Sharif had constituted a committee consisting of Zulfeqar Ali Khosa and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif to resolve the issue.
He had also advised the committee to resolve the issues of Sher Ali Khan, Alta Hussain Kham Mazari and other PML-N leaders. Kh. The committee held a meeting which was attended by Kamaluddin Koreja, Kmal Fareed Malik, Dr. Hafizur Rahman Dareshak and Ghazi Amanullah, the DCO Rajanpur.
The committee made the following decisions: In future all cases would also be consulted with Kh. Kaleemuddin Koreja and Kamal Fareed Malik; Hamza Shahbaz advised to stop one-way traffic and all the local matter must be favoured and decided only on merit; It also advised Sher Ali Khan to discontinue his alliance with Leghari Group i.e Jaffar Khan Leghari and give proper importance to PML-N workers.