ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to increase the number of water tankers for provision of water to the residents of the federal capital.
Sources said the increase in water tankers would meet the scarcity of water in the sectors of I-10, G-11, and G-10.
Water is being supplied through 18 water tankers daily to different sectors of Islamabad. However, CDA has not got the capacity to provide water tankers for all the sectors of the city at one time.
Therefore it has decided to increase the number of water tankers from 18 to 24.
The CDA sources further said there is acute dearth of water in Islamabad owing to absence of rainfall.
That is why, CDA has ordered its staff to take stern action against those consumers who are wasting this natural and precious resource through unnecessary usage, source added. The authority has also decided to increase the water supply from Simly Dam up to two million gallon. The extra supply will start from the first day of June. This will further better the situation of water supply in federal capital.