KARACHI  - Sinh Chief Secretary Raja Muhammad Abbas has advised the Planning & Development Department to ensure budget allocation for S-III Project, in fiscal year 2012-13, with the collaboration of the federal government and KPT.Raja Abbas also asked the KW&SB to gear-up the pace of work of the S-III Project. He was presiding a review meeting to this effect.The chief secretary also advised the Karachi commissioner to facilitate the KW&SB in resettlement of the 50 acre land in Shah Faisal Colony reserved for S-III Project.It may be mentioned that S-III (Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan/S-III, Karachi), having a modified/estimated cost Rs.13492.00 million, approved by the ECNEC, would have the capacity after completion - of 300 mgd (300 million gallon water daily). It has been planned to construct new treatment plant of 200 mgd at Korangi, in addition to extension of Lyari interceptors and sewer up to North Karachi, construction of Lyari and Malir Trunk Sewer and lying of pipe sewer (900 to 1200 mm) up-to Lyari to Malir Trunk Sewer.President Zardari has directed that the cost of scheme shall be shared by the federal government, Sindh government and KPT with 33 per cent share by each. The chief secretary further advised the Planning & Development Department to get the project reflected in PSDP 2011-12, by the Federal Government.The meeting was attended by the Special Secretary Finance Ejaz A. Khan, M.D. KW&SB Misbahuddin and other senior officers. SHC puts off hearing of blasphemy case against Mirza: The Sindh High Court adjourned the hearing of the blasphemy case against Zulfiqar Mirza until May 29. Sindh Minister for Industries & Commerce Rauf Siddiqui had filled a petition against Mirza’s stay order on the blasphemy case. On Tuesday, Rauf Siddiqui appeared before Justice Maqbool Baqar’s court to clear his viewpoint in the case. Nevertheless, the absence of Anwar Mansoor, counsel for Zulfiqar Mirza, from the court lead to the deferment of the hearing. Siddiqui said, “Our lawyers were ready for arguing today, but the hearing was adjourned upon the request of the assistant of Anwar Mansoor Khan.” He said it was a clear sign that they were using delaying tactic in this blasphemy case which, according to him, was very important for the Muslims because they were watching the case’s proceedings very sharply and were waiting for the court’s decision. Rauf Siddiqui said, “After me, my family will pursue the case against Mirza because it was a matter of prestige of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). “He said the case was above the politics, state and power. “Any further delay will raise question mark on the judiciary and on those at the helm. So, I will request to the judiciary that the case be heard on urgent basis as I am sensing a danger from the delaying tactic. I have filed the complaint with honesty that blasphemy had been committed. “I am saying from day one that ‘let the FIR be registered and then leave it open to the lawyers to either prove him guilty or innocent. But every time when a court or a bench nears a decision, something new and technical crops up.” Siddiqui is seeking registration of an FIR against Zulfiqar Mirza on the charge of blasphemy. KUJ elections results: Senior journalist Afzaal Mohsin, and Aamir Latif have been elected unopposed as President and Secretary of the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) for session 2012-13.According to the election committee, Tariq Aslam and Shams Kerio have been elected as senior vice president, and vice president respectively.  Meanwhile, Adnan Raza has been elected as treasurer, Sher Mohammad Babar, and A.K Mohsin as joint secretaries, and Abdul Rehman as secretary information.