LAHORE – Though President Asif Zardari has reiterated demands of apology from the US over Salala incident and halting drone attacks, Defense of Pakistan Council (DPC), an alliance of religious and political parties, would go ahead with its plan of holding long march against possible resumption of Nato supplies.
DPC will start a long march from Karachi on May 27 that will reach Islamabad on June 6. DPC is sticking to its decision taken by heads of constituent parties , said Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Liaqat Baloch, adding, the leadership is aware of Chicago conference and there is no plan to withdraw the call for long march .
He said that Nato supplies should not be restored even if the US accepted all demands.
“Nato supplies should not be restored under any circumstances. Afghanistan is winning the war against the US.
This step will send a wrong message to the Muslims in Afghanistan”, Liaqat Baloch said, adding, peace could not be restored both in Pakistan and Afghanistan without pushing the US out of the region.
He said that the rulers in Islamabad should take a bold decision and refuse restoration of Nato supplies.
Though the decision is difficult, he said, but the rulers should take courage as the entire nation would support them.
He stressed upon the rulers to implement all resolutions of the parliament, revise policy regarding relation with US and come out of the so called war on terror in the larger interests of the nation.