ISLAMABAD - Renowned scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday urged the youth of the nation to utilise their skills and knowledge in national interest.
He was addressing at the seminar on “Role of Youth-to defends the Motherland” at the Quaid-e-Azam Auditorium of the Faisal Mosque Campus of the International Islamic University, Islamabad.
The seminar was organised by Class Representatives Council (CRs) of the IIUI. Dr AQ Khan said that the motherland have ample resources which need to be explore and flourish with facilities and opportunities.
He urged the students to become Ambassador of their own culture and civilisation, as we are rich in both. Dr Khan was of the view that only the youth can save the deteriorated status of our society through education and rational decisions, as they are more than 48 per cent registered voters. 
About the power crisis in the country, Dr AQ Khan said that we should reserve the rainwater to utilise it for producing power, expanding fisheries and cultivating land to emphasise on our own production.
He further added that students should take part in the politics but do not indulge in unproductive activities, they should respect the views of each other and in case of any difference in opinion they should not be violent.
While talking on the role of the youth in the society, he said that the society should provide youth, an ample access to education to confine their thinking only towards knowledge and research.
Dr AQ Khan further said that Pakistan have multiple resources which demands from the youth to come forward and honestly lead the nation to bring prosper in the country.
Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology, IIUI, Dr Ghulam Yasin Chouhan, Students Advisor, (Male) IIUI, Dr Safeer Awan and a large number of students attended the seminar. Dr Safeer Awan, and a student Tayyab Aziz also spoke at the seminar.