Our textile industry should make investment in the plant biology sector as we all know that we are not getting positive results from genetically modified crops which not only cause allergy but are also harmful to human consumption in the long-term. By producing genetically-modified cotton, also known as bio-tech cotton, we would be able to boost up our cotton production. It will help our textile industry and we will be the largest cotton-producing country in the world. We will also be able to set up small-scale textile industry in rural areas, cloth stitching industry. We have 52 per cent female population.
Women in rural areas are expert in stitching. They will be able to contribute to the nation’s economy . It will also help us to stop migration from rural to urban areas. It will also decrease the poverty level. By stopping migration from rural areas to urban centres, it will also help us to control crime rate. If the prevailing poor law and security situation continues, the industrialists will shift their industry to other countries like India, Bangladesh, etc. I would suggest we should focus on rural areas which have agricultural waste. With this agricultural waste, the industrialists will be able to generate their own electricity or gas for their industry.
Karachi, May 22.