At least five people were killed and several others injured when U.S. drones fired two missiles at a house in Datta Khel town of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) early on Wednesday morning.
According to the media reports, five U.S. drones were flying before they fired two missiles at the house.
At least five persons were killed in the strike while several others were injured. The house was completely destroyed in the attack. Identities of the victims in the strike are not known immediately as North Waziristan is a far-flung mountainous tribal area bordering Afghanistan. This is the first U.S. drone attack following the Chicago Summit during which the U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly said that the United States and Pakistan were making "diligent progress" on reopening a vital NATO supply line into Afghanistan, which has been closed by Pakistan following a deadly NATO air strike on two Pakistani border checkposts in November 2011. Pakistan has demanded an apology for the afore-said air strike which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 13 others and a halt to U.S. drone strikes as preconditions for reopening the NATO supply line. But both demands have been ignored by the United States. Wednesday morning's U.S. drone strike is the 13th of its kind (counted on daily basis) in Pakistan in 2012. Up to date, at least 98 people have reportedly been killed in such strikes since this year. According to an AFP tally, 45 US missile strikes were reported in Pakistan's tribal belt in 2009, the year Obama took office, 101 in 2010 and 64 in 2011. The New America Foundation think tank in Washington says drone strikes have killed between 1,715 and 2,680 people in Pakistan in the past eight years.