The All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association has been demanding commercial import of used vehicle, of up to 10 years of age, in the forthcoming budget to provide relief to customers. It is believed that importing used cars will ensure affordable cars to local consumers in addition to ensuring a steady supply of quality and reasonably priced cars which will create an environment of healthy competition. It needs to be emphasised that such cars are almost at the end of their productive life, or not compatible with Pakistani conditions. Often, the odometer of used cars is reversed, using unscrupulous techniques, to give the false impression that the vehicle has done low mileage. There is also no after-sales service and parts support for such vehicles and ultimately the customer suffers. As it is, the import of five-year-old cars is already causing embarrassment to the government, which allowed such imports in order in have cheaper cars available to consumers. But most of them are sold at the same rate as locally manufactured brand-new cars.
Karachi, May 19.