OKARA - Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo said that negotiations with America are in progress and all decisions will be taken in the best interest national, adding that in the future, Pakistan will not give in to any foreign pressure.
“On the incident of Salala Checkpoint, America is ready to have talks on different matters including rendering apology. President Zardari has made his political rivals fall flat,” he said while addressing a press-conference in Depalpur Press Club.
Wattoo said the MQM, ANP and the PMl-Q having accepted President Asif Ali Zardari’s offer to make government, had isolated PML-N head Nawaz Sharif. No political party is ready to stand by him, he added.
“They (PML-N leaders) are chanting slogans of long march which have now cooled down. Nawaz Sharif speaks whatsoever comes to his mind and later on realizes his mistake. Nawaz Sharif by bringing the memogate case into Supreme Court wasted the time of the courts,” said Wattoo. He added that 2013 was the election year, but some ignorant and shortsighted politicians were in haste.
The PPP leader said, “We are constructing roads in Punjab with federal budget but the Punjab government feels it ill. In the coming budget we are getting extra development budget for the people of Okara. The mission of our politics is social welfare.” Wattoo said the history of PPP is replete with martyrdoms and sacrifices.
He added that Zulifqar Ali Bhutto woke up workers to know the value of their votes and gave them energy and encouraged them to fight against feudal lords and capitalists. On the occasion former MPA Muazzam Wattoo, Sujjad Ahmad Wattoo and district leader Aamir Hayat Wattoo were also present.