OKARA - A PML-N lawmaker has said that the proposed restoration of Nato supply is not in favour of the people, adding that it is a desire of the federal government only.
“Instead of rendering an apology to Pakistan, America is dictating the Pakistani government on the issue. On one hand, the government does not honour the Supreme Court verdicts. On the other hand, it has neglected the parliament on the issue of NATO supply,” said MPA Mian Yawar Zaman while talking to the party workers at Muslim League House Okara.
He said that the supply was stopped in vested interest and not in the national interest. He said the rulers had proved that they were slaves. Now the whole nation will take to the streets against the Nato supply restoration and the rulers will find no way out, he said and added that Mr Gilani was now a convicted prime minister. He said that the PM should quit immediately.
He asserted during the four-year rule, the PPP had given nothing except hunger, unemployment, killing, broad daylight robberies and loadshedding.
He urged the government to accept its failure and tender resignation.