MARDAN - A resident of Toru has accused police and Pesco officials of illegally raiding his house and disgracing the female members of the family while arresting his son and nephew on fake charges.Talking to media during a protest demonstration outside Mardan Press Club, Kachkool and Dahrani form Chanchano Khat Toru along with other residents of the area said on Tuesday that Pesco employees including Sajjad LS I, Umar LS II, Shoukat LS III and Niazud Din LS II along with a police party headed by ASI Anwar Khan raided their houses and cut the power connections. They said the police arrested a man’s nephew named Iqbal, who had established a poultry farm near his house and had submitted Rs 4,000 for new electricity connection on February 1, 2012. They said that SDO operation Toru subdivision gave them in writing that they should give connection from their power meter to the mentioned poultry farm, because at that time there was no new meter available in Pesco office Mardan. They added that the officials had promised that if they got a meter, they would install it to the poultry farm. They added that later on the written and oral request of SDO operation Toru subdivision they agreed and gave a ‘legal’ line from their meter to the poultry farm. They said that on Monday the mentioned Pesco employees along with the police party raided their house and disgraced their females and took away Khalid son of Dahrani and Javeed son of Kachkool and said that you got illegal and direct connection and cut the electricity supply with out any reason. They said that later on they illegally locked them in Toru police station lockup and registered fake case under section 39EA-186. They alleged that the mentioned Pesco employees and police party also arrested several other people in direct connection and also locked them in Toru police station but later on received bribe from them and released them with out registering case against them. They appealed to the judiciary, Pesco and police high-ups to look into the matter and provide them justice. However, when this correspondent contacted the mentioned SDO subdivision Toru he rejected the allegations and said that he had not given any written latter to anyone to give connection to the poultry farm.Meanwhile, the Pesco retired employees from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tuesday staged a protest demonstration in favour of their demands here at main Sadr Road outside press club.The protesters led by president and other offices-bearers of the Pesco Retired Employees Union Iqbal Khan, Sultan Khan and Sanobar Khan were holding placards inscribed with slogans in favour of their demands. The also raised full-throated slogans against the apathetic attitude of the government towards the miseries facing the masses.The protestors belonging to the far-flung areas of the province including Mansehra, Abbottabad, Swabi, Bannu DI Khan and Tank demanded of the chief executive Pesco to appoint their sons on the given quota, and also resolve the seven per cent accommodation cases, of retired employees, laying in the account section of the department. They demanded 50 percent increase in pension and medical allowance in the upcoming federal budget. “Like the rest of the government employees, our pensions should also insure in the first weak of the month, they demanded.They warned of the government if their demands were not listened till June 10, then they would be compel to set up a hunger strike camp and also hold a protest demonstration in front of the parliament on June 11.