Multan - The MPAs and other leaders of PPP on Tuesday lashed out at the officials of Punjab Government for what they described as an intentional delay in completion of development projects of Multan , demanding quick accomplishment of all ongoing schemes.
“Why on earth a flyover gets completed in just 90 days in Lahore but it takes two years to complete in Multan ?” the public representatives posed a question while having a hot debate with Additional secretary for Prime Minister’s South Punjab Development Programme Iftikhar Babur and other state officials during a meeting. The meeting was held to review the pace and quality of work.
MPAs Malik Aamir Dogar and Dr Akhtar Malik were of the opinion that the bureaucracy delayed Multan projects because prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was a noble person who behaved in a mannered way. “Had he been rude like the rulers of takht-e-Lahore, all the projects would have been accomplished within time,” they claimed.
Iftikhar Babur told the meeting that 20 per cent work on Rasheedabad flyover was done and it would be opened to the traffic till September 30. He said that all departments including Wasa, Wapda, Sui Gas and PTCL were working on the flyover project and it would be completed within deadline.
He directed concerned officials to ensure demolition of all marked buildings on both sides of Old Shujabad Road and handover the acquired land to NHA within two months so that a six-lane 120-foot wide road could be constructed.
Referring to Bosan Road widening project, he told the meeting that two-kilometre long patch of the road between Chungi No-9 and 6 was completed while work on Emerson College and Chungi No-6 flyovers would also commence next month. He added that 1.5 kilometre patch from university side was also laid.
The public representatives from Tatypur complained on this occasion that only three out of five approved roads were constructed while the owners of the land acquired for Tatypur overhead bridge were not paid an appropriate price against their property.
The Additional Secretary told them that the tenders for the two remaining roads were given and work would start soon. He directed concerned department to pay price to the owners according the market rate. He took serious notice of suspension of work on Pir Colony Sewerage Scheme for the last three years and directed WASA authorities to cancel the tender and hire new contractor.
Addressing the meeting, he said that the prime minister was keen to accomplish all projects and therefore he did not announce any new project for the next financial year. He said that the speed on all projects was being increased and they would be opened soon for the public.
Meanwhile, Iftikhar Babur visited Qila Qasim Bagh and Darbar Moosa Pak Shaheed and reviewed the quality and pace of work on the projects. He said that both the federal and provincial governments had released funds for the ongoing projects and they would be completed within ongoing financial year. He asked concerned officials not to make any compromise on quality of material.