BAHAWALNAGAR - Tangible measures have been adopted to maintain law and order situation and check crime in the district. The public cooperation is of great significance for the eradication of crime as the police alone could not materialise the dream.
Bahawalnagar DPO Abdul Hameed Khosa expressed the views during an exclusive talk with The Nation here on Tuesday.
He stressed that the public should be vigilant about the overall situation in society and repose trust in the police. The newly posted warned the outlaws to either shun crime or leave the district else get ready to face the iron fist of the police. DPO Khosa also vowed to get the police image changed and restored the public confidence. Apart from some black sheep, the Police have been rendering invaluable services to provide security to the honour and property of the masses,” Hameed Khosa pointed out, adding that the police had been confronted with multifarious hardships in the discharge of duties.
He argued that the policemen had sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and always took risks simply for the security of the citizens, adding that the public should also acknowledged and take this aspect in account while making a consensus about the Police Department. “Look, I myself accept that there are black sheep and corrupt officials in the department but not the entire force is corrupt; we should not let the minority overshadow the majority and that’s what I expect from the public,” DPO Khosa detailed.
He reaffirmed his pledged not tolerate corrupt officials at least “in his own domain” and vowed to purge the department from all such elements.
DPO Khosa also emphasised the police officials to believe in Almighty Allah and adopt fair means while discharging their duties. He stressed the need for speedy justice to the needy and deserving people.
He also pledged to eliminate trust deficit between the public and police and comply with the orders of judiciary in letter and spirit.
He lauded the role of media for educating society. He also underlined the media role for eradication of crime and sought its help to come up with the public expectations.
DPO stated that his doors were always open for the public and positive suggestions and feedback would also be welcomed.