LAHORE – PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi has alleged that Punjab has been turned into a police state where political activities of opposition parties are considered crime.
He made this accusation while addressing a press conference on Tuesday to protest the FIRs lodged against the ISF and PTI leaders who are working to strengthen the party in Punjab.
Qureshi demanded the Punjab chief minister to direct the police authorities to quash what he called the fake FIRs against party workers.
He warned that he could not restrict the party leaders and workers from taking to the streets if muscle flexing against the party workers by the provincial government is not stopped.
Talking about the Chicago Summit, Qureshi, who is also former foreign minister, said that Pakistan has faced humiliation in the conference and gained nothing.
Qureshi claimed that threats to Pakistan from the incompetent rulers were more serious than external challenges. Commenting over the prime minister’s conviction, he said that Gilani has the right to appeal in the contempt case and the PTI would decide its future course against the government after the verdict on the appeal. He said the PTI’s membership campaign would continue till June 30 and the ISF had set up camps for this purpose in Lahore.