OKARA - The Punjab Chief Minister’s “Education for All” policy proved nothing more than a claim as it had failed completely to bring about any positive change the “rusty” education sector. The parents and civil society members to whom this scribe talked here the other day, were of the view that the “Education for All” was a beautiful allure of the government and nothing else.
The parents who introduced themselves as Nazar Mohammad, Sher Mohammad, Javaid, Allah Ditta, Chaudhry Munir and others told journalists that what they foresaw was that the future of their children was not bright. The Punjab CM failed to fulfil his promises regarding changing and developing the education sector as majority of schools , especially in far-flung areas are still without facilities like boundary wall and classrooms, leave alone the teaching staff,” they argued and cited the example of Lundian Wala School which was still without boundary wall. They pointed out that as many as 277 students were enrolled in the school whereas there was only one teacher for the entire school. Similarly all basic facilities like furniture, washroom, drinking water and proper staff are missing, they elaborated.
They urged the politicians not to play with future of the nation for mere political gains. This is public money and for God stake at least utilise some portion of it, if not all, on public welfare, especially for the bright future of the nation,” they stressed. They asked the higher authorities to take notice of the deplorable condition of schools and take tangible measures to secure future of the nation-builders.