Nowadays there is a debate going on about the creation of new provinces across the country. The call for new provinces that was initiated by the demand for a Bahawalpur province in the past, followed with the call for Hazara province and now the call for a mohajir province has spread like fire all over the country. A new party named Mohajir Sooba Tehreek, led by Dr Salim Haider, demanding a mohajir province, has emerged suddenly after remaining in oblivion for years. Nevertheless, the call has also met with wide criticism and disagreement, considerably by the major political party of Karachi, the ‘MQM’, which is evidently the biggest party of mohajirs across Pakistan. Sindh nationalist parties and the Pakistan People’s Party have also shown reservations over the call and demands for a new province in Sindh and have condemned such calls. The point to ponder is that is the creation of new provinces any real solution to the problems faced by Pakistan? Will the creation of new provinces make life easier for the mohajirs, Seraikis or Hazaras or any other community? The problem lies in the system, which needs to be revamped.
Karachi, May 19.