CHICAGO - Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said Pakistan still seeks apology from Washington for killing 26 Pakistani soldiers while stating that it does not want permanent blockade of NATO supply route.
In an exclusive interview to a private news channel here on Tuesday, she said Pakistan’s sovereignty should be respected.  The public reaction comes when sovereignty of the country is violated, Hina said. She said that Pakistan’s Parliament has urged better relations with the world community and it has reviewed relations with the US and ISAF.
Hina said that Pakistan is still under pressure regarding restoration of NATO supply.  ‘We want to tell the world that Pakistan is also a coalition partner to ensure peace in Afghanistan which is also in the better interest of the region’, she added.
Rejecting the criticism over President Zardari’s participation in Chicago Conference, she said those criticising the President want to drag the country into backwardness. She further said that restoration of NATO supply is not the issue only between Pakistan and the US but it is a matter of relations with 60 countries. Pakistan’s stance cannot be well understood if it is kept at distance from the world community, she concluded.
Meanwhile, Hina Rabbani Khar has said that there is no stand off with US regarding reopening of NATO supply route. Speaking to Time Now, she said that Pakistan has no standoff with any country regarding Afghanistan issue.
Pakistan has been an enabler and facilitator for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan, she said.  We have played this role for 10 years effectively, she added.