ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, has said that President Asif Ali Zardari has earned nothing but insult for Pakistan by participating in Nato Summit in Chicago.
“The attitude of the heads of countries towards President Zardari during Nato summit - irrespective of 40,000 sacrifices rendered by Pakistani soldiers and civilians and $70 billion loss incurred to country’s economy during the US waged “so-called” war on terror - was amounted to disgrace the whole nation,” Khan said.
He stated this while addressing a press conference here at party’s central secretariat where Lt. General (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan along with his brother Ahmed Kuli Khan announced joining PTI.
Former chief of General staff and DG Military intelligence Lt General (Retd) Ali Kuli Khan had resigned from the Pakistan Army in 1998 when than Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharrif had promoted his junior officer Lt Gen Pervez Musharraf to the rank of Chief of the Army Staff.
Imran said he respects Pakistani Armed Forces but was against their role in country’s politics. On the occasion he alleged that former Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani had received $100,000 from an American think tank for writing a book against Pakistani Army.
Imran said neither they (the US) accepted any of our demands as were called for through the Parliament in shape of passage of unanimous resolutions regarding drone strikes and Nato supplies nor the President Obama extended a word of thanks for Pakistan for country’s enormous contributions in the war on terror during NATO Summit.
“By demanding just an enhanced $5000 transit fee for each Nato shipping container, the ruling elite has proved the statement of lawyer of Ramzi Yousef who had said that Pakistani rulers could sold their mothers for dollars,” Imran remarked.
Imran said at first the ruling elite created Mujahidin to fight against the then Soviet Union to earn dollars and now they were chasing them for dollars, adding Gen Zia and Gen Musharraf were real responsible for all that mess. He said now the government was building the opinion of the nation that resumption of Nato supplies was a matter of relations with 48 leading countries, who are part of Nato.
“I question them why they had forgotten this point when they were adopting a unanimous resolution in the Parliament regarding closure of NATO routes. The rulers have made this forum - the Parliament - a refuge for themselves against SC’s decisions against their corruption.”
Imran said country’s internal and foreign policies are devised keeping in mind the betterment of masses not on the basis of unknown fears, adding the government should resume negotiations with the warring tribes after quitting war on terror that the country had been fighting for “strangers”. He said whole nation wants closure of Nato supply routes through Pakistan.
Commenting over the Prime Minister’s conviction, Imran said morally he had lost grounds to be the Prime Minister but legally he enjoys right to appeal against SC’s judgement.
“In case the apex court turns down his appeal and keeps intact its earlier decision and consequently Yousuf Raza refused to accept the orders of the court, the nation would witness history’s biggest protest against the government,” Imran said.
Appreciating the visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his wisdom and vision, Imran said he (Erdogan) is the man of stature.
To a question, Khan said he was not invited by the government in the joint sitting of the Parliament held the other day. “I would not have attended it even if they had invited me because of presence of Yousuf Raza Gilani in the House to whom I don’t consider as Premier anymore after his conviction from Supreme Court.” Imran said if PTI was not made part of consultations prior to the formation of caretaker government before next general elections then it would be another example of politics of ‘Muk Muka’ doing the two major parties of the country.
Imran said PTI would come up with a unanimous strategy in the backdrop of excepted resumption of Nato supplies after party’s meeting on May 26 in this regard. He said scheduled May 27 rally of PTI at Liaquat Bagh would be an eye opener for his critiques.